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October 2018/ Scarborough, Ontario


Grace Williams is eleven years old and a top ranked gymnast in Ontario. When she turned seven she asked not to receive presents for her birthday, rather to have funds directed to the Humane Society – so her father, delivered $300 to help the Society and the animals. Recently, while walking her dog, ….MORE

Of all road users, motorists certainly get the worst press.  Whether it’s road safety, environmental pollution or the consumption of the world’s resources, motorists are considered fair game. ….MORE

At first you wouldn’t recognize Dan Benson as the minister of St. Paul’s United Church. On Sunday morning as soft organ music wafts through the sanctuary, an affable guy in sports shirt is chatting with members of the gathering congregation. ….MORE

Scarborough Players is proud to be celebrating its 60th anniversary with the 2018-2019 season!  To honour this achievement, Scarborough Players will be engaging the community on social media to share their special memories….MORE

Among the many groups who enjoy the natural beauty of Bluffers Park are all kinds of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Walkers, joggers, cyclists, hikers, paddleboarders and swimmers alike use this great resource to train and stay in shape….MORE

Part 7 of our serial.