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More reasons why you should advertise in Scarborough using Bluffs Monitor

Our own drivers deliver to all commercial establishments, including stores, banks, real estate, Insurance, law and investment agencies, restaurants, wholistic and medical, dental establishments, veterinarians and teaching agencies.

  • our team of volunteer distributors deliver to their neighbours on their own street or one close by each month.
  • readers can also pick up their free copy from banks, libraries, community centres and non-profit agencies.
  • copies are available at indoor facilities, protected from rain, snow and wind.
  • paid subscription copies are sent in craft envelopes.
  • we also deliver to the Scarborough Civic Centre, City Hall where labelled copies go to all departments.

Our readers are loyal because we provide news specific to their needs:

  • Timely, editorial content
  • Where to obtain goods and services locally
  • Community Calendar of events
  • Classified listings
  • Church locations, Bazaars, Fairs, School events and so on …

* Local services, such as Lions, Rotary, Help Agencies, Sports and Arts facilities and their events.

Scarborough Bluffs boasts not one but two local orchestras and not one but two big arts societies that stage huge festivals in this area which we publicize.

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Why does Bluffs Monitor offer you the best exposure for your advertising dollar?
Advertising in Bluffs Monitor, a 34 year old free local newspaper, gives you access to the nine affluent communities of the Scarborough Bluffs area.

40,000 loyal readers live in these communities that extend along Lake Ontario from Victoria Park to the Rouge River, in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). The Bluffs Monitor is the only paper that focuses on these southwest Scarborough communities:

  • Birch Cliff
  • Oakridge
  • Cliffside
  • Cliffcrest
  • Scarborough Village
  • Guildwood Village
  • Highland Creek Village
  • West Hill
  • Pt. Union
Are you looking for the best exposure for your advertising dollars? If so, check out some of these benefits offered by Bluffs Monitor.
  • Gain visibility to an affluent population
  • Inform residents of Scarborough Bluffs about your products/services
  • Get recognized by loyal, caring neighbours who like supporting businesses in their own neighbourhood
  • Have access to both long-time residents and newcomers
  • Check out our demographics — young growing families to empty nesters and active and able seniors who are trying to find you
  • People desiring to moving into the area
  • Residents wanting to downsize or expand families, yet stay in this area
Are you missing out on increasing your revenue by not using the Bluffs Monitor to advertise in Scarborough?
  • Are you advertising in other papers that don’t focus on these nine affluent neighbourhoods in southwest Scarborough
  • Have you been unaware that the Bluffs Monitor could be a profitable link to potential customers?
  • Are you aware there are 40,000 readers wanting to know about your products and services?
  • Do you know how reasonable our rates are?
Call today! 416-691-4085
For advertising sizes (business card size to full page) Black and White or Full Colour.
Ask for our Advertising Kit including Rate Sheet, General Info Sheet with Deadlines and Delivery Dates plus a Map showing our circulation area including postal code areas covered.
Phone : 416-691-4085 for info or view our Contact Us page. Our expert staff are available to help ensure the best results for your advertising dollar.

Rates & Information

The printed Tabloid newspaper is comprised of 6 Agate width columns horizontally, with a total depth of 15”.
Rates are based on ads being in whole or half inches in depth vertically and priced according to the number of columns and inches required.
Retail Rates
We can create your ad at no charge unless requiring more than one hour of the graphic artists’ time. Bluffs Monitor retains copyright to all art work created in-house.
Agency Rates
Are calculated in agate lines by number of columns.
Total is 215 agate lines x 6 columns across the page
File formats


Deadline Dates Delivery Dates For Our Issue
Jan 17 Jan 30 February
Feb 21 Feb 27 March
Mar 21 Mar 27 April
Apr 16 Apr 24 May
May 21 May 29 June
Jun 18 Jun 26 July
July 21 July 31 August
Aug 23 Aug 30 September
Sep 17 Sep 25 October
Oct 22 Oct 30 November
Nov 19 Nov 27 December
Dec 27 Jan 3, 2019 January
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