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Scarborough Communities are Unique!

The view from the bottom of Brimley in what is known as Bluffers Park – see photo, top of page.

These Scarborough Bluffs have a history of European occupation going back to the seventeen hundreds. Lowland Scots emigrated to this area after being pushed out of their farms in Scotland by the titled gentry. Some of their descendents still live here today.

The name “Scarborough Bluffs” was given to it by Elizabeth Graves Simcoe, wife of the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada, John Graves Simcoe because it reminded her of Scarborough Bluffs in England.

The Bluffs are the only geologically scenic area in the greater Toronto area but are also a geologic wonder, visited by scientists from all over the world to study its exposed history of the planet.

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Where in Scarborough Bluffs Communities:

Community Centres in the Scarborough Bluffs Communities along the lake between Victoria Park Ave. and Port Union Village

Northern boundaries are Eglinton on the West and 401 / Island Rd. on the east.
Bluffs Monitor can also be found in stores along Kingston Road west of Victoria Park Ave., to Main St., also in the Main Street Library and in Loblaws on Victoria Park Ave.

Home delivery by on select streets throughout the Bluffs area:

Birch Cliff
Oak Ridge
Scarborough Village
Highland Creek
West Hill