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You might remember Trevor David from the front page of our May 2020 edition. He’s was featured for opening Art of BBQ just as the current Covid-19 pandemic was taking hold. Well he’s at it again. David launched Art of Juicery ~ a tropical juice bar ~ on a snowy Sunday, January 3rd. Located at 2466 Kingston Rd, he described it as karma when resturant space became available just 5 doors down the street from Art of BBQ. David said “I’ve always wanted to open a juice bar and I just thought ‘it’s now or never’. It’s doors from where I’m at now and I've sort of adopted Cliffside as my home and I'm here as part of the community and I thought, you know what, let me go for it and see what the future brings.” Art of Juicery is currently offering freshly squeezed juice shots featuring orange, apple, grapefruit and carrot juices. They will also be offering tropical juices like pineapple, papaya, mango, guava as well as traditional Caribbean juices; irish moss, sorrel, soursop & sugar cane juice to name a few. David is enthusiastic when the subject of healthy eating comes up. To go along with the obvious benefits of the vitamins and essential nutrients that can be had from juices and smoothies he is also offering a traditional Caribbean breakfast treat... 4 kinds of breakfast porridge; cornmeal, oat, banana/plantain and hominy. And Art of Juicery will be open at 7am serving up these healthy treats. And David is quick to point out the many benefits of traditional Caribbean teas: from Lemon Grass, Ceresee, Cocoa and Soursop Leaf to Guinea Hen, Moringa and Ginger. Art of Juicery is going to be bringing a taste of the Caribbean to Cliffside / Cliffcrest offering healthy choices to the community when needed most.

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Getting into the Spirit; The “Griswolds of Garthwood” aka Gerry & Bonnie Doucette of Garthwood Drive in Scarborough have been named the winners of Councilor Crawford’s Holiday House Decorating Competition. Put on this year ~ in lieu of his McCowan District Park annual tree lighting ~ to light up the holidays when we couldn’t all gather as a community

Crawford Opposes Altree Condo Proposal

By Hedy Korbee

Ward 20 Councillor Gary Crawford has shown his strongest opposition yet to a developer’s proposal to a build a twelve-storey condominium covering almost a full block of Kingston Road between Lakeside and Birchcliff Avenues.

The mixed-use building with 265 residential units proposed by Altree Developments at 1615-1641 Kingston Rd. would lead to the displacement of tenants in more than 30 affordable, low-rise rental apartments at Lenmore Court.

Crawford stated his opposition to the developer’s proposal during a robust virtual town hall meeting Wednesday night hosted by the recently revived Birch Cliff Village Community Association. It was a big step forward from his comment in October that the development was “a little dense”.

Ward 20 Scarborough Southwest Councillor Gary Crawford;

“If this application in its present form was brought before Council now I would not be supporting it, my colleagues would not be supporting it, and I’m pretty confident that city planning would not be supporting what you see presently,” Crawford said. “Number one. It’s too dense. It’s too high. There’s huge impacts on the community, impacts on the neighbourhood….And at this point there’s no plan for rental displacement. What you will see is a final submission in two year or three years that will not be this application. “I do not support any incursion into neighbourhoods, period,” Crawford said. We protect neighbourhoods. That’s a critically important aspect of this.”

The meeting was attended by 100 people and included a lively question and answer session.

Lenmore Court tenant Karen Azucar asked Councillor Crawford directly if he feels the tenants should have the right to move back into a new condo in their current location instead of being forced to relocate 1.6 kilometres east to a proposed new building at the site of the current Days Inn motel.

“Ultimately, yes,” Crawford said, noting that he hasn’t had a conversation with the planning department or asked the developer if they would consider putting rental units into the Birch Cliff condo.

Crawford also said that the city does not “act favourably to displacing somebody outside of the community”.

“If you happen to have a child who’s going across the street to Birch Cliff Public School, and you’re looking at going over to the Days Inn, you’re going to a different school zone. We do not look at that lightly. That is a very serious concern for the city when we’re looking at that process,” Crawford said.     …continued

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