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April 16, 2024

Action from Boys HS Rugby. O'Connor Defeated Newman 12-5

April 12-13, 2024

Action from Canadian Open Swimming Championships at TPASC

April 10, 2024

Scarborough Walk of Fame Ceremonies

April 1, 2024

Toronto Beaches Lions Club Easter Parade

March 14, 2024

Dynasty Home Builders Inc. tied to builder with history of non-compliance

TORONTO March 6, 2024 – The Home Construction Regulatory Authority (HCRA) has refused to grant a licence to Dynasty Home Builders Inc. after discovering the owner had ties to a former licensee convicted of illegal building.

In 2023, Dynasty applied to the HCRA for a licence with Zamila Hossain named as the applicant and the company’s sole owner. The applicant had no financial history and, as part of the application, listed Zamal Hossain and Farida Haque as Dynasty’s financial backers. The pair were the principals of Albion Building Consultant Inc. which had its licence revoked by the HCRA due to numerous conduct issues, including knowingly building and selling homes without a licence which is illegal. In addition to being the principals of Albion Building Consultant Inc., Zamal Hossain and Farida Haque were also found to be the applicant’s parents.

“The HCRA looks at all interested persons associated with an application for this exact reason,” says Wendy Moir, the HCRA’s Chief Executive Officer and Registrar. “Understanding who is involved in an applicant’s business is a strong indicator of how that business may be run. By refusing Dynasty’s application, the HCRA is limiting the resurgence of bad actors who have demonstrated they cannot conduct their business responsibly and ethically.”

As a result of Zamal Hossain and Farida Haque’s past conduct in managing Albion, the HCRA determined that Dynasty was a ploy for Albion to stay in business using another name and refused to grant a licence. In addition, the applicant had no credit history and listed a past Albion employee on its application to meet all the HCRA’s competency requirements.

“Applicants must demonstrate their business will be conducted in accordance with the law and with integrity and honesty. This shows our licensing process works and is an essential tool to protect the public,” Moir adds.

About the HCRA

The Home Construction Regulatory Authority is responsible for regulating and licensing the people and companies who build and sell new homes in Ontario. The HCRA enforces high professional standards for competence and conduct in the homebuilding industry, giving new home buyers confidence in one of the biggest purchases of their lives. The HCRA also maintains consistency across the sector, curtailing unethical and illegal builders.

In addition to licensing, the HCRA provides educational information for consumers on their home buying journey and hosts the Ontario Builder Directory (OBD) – the authoritative source of background information about each of Ontario’s more than 6,500 new home builders and vendors

March 11, 2024

Great jobs available! Apply before March 31 for part-time summer recreation, aquatic and museum jobs with the City of Toronto

Mayor Olivia Chow reminded residents that the City of Toronto is hiring for part-time summer recreation jobs. Warmer days are ahead, and the City offers good-paying jobs that provide strong work and community-building experience for students and residents. Candidates should apply now with a specific focus on recreation, aquatic and museum employment opportunities.

The mayor said, “As the largest employer of youth and students, I am proud that the City of Toronto can offer thousands of good jobs at fair wages for anyone seeking part-time employment. These jobs are instrumental to the youth in our city. These jobs give our youth the opportunity to gain employment experience, create community connections and serve our city and its residents. These important employment opportunities connect people to a pathway to success.”

The search is on for a wide range of skilled applicants ranging from lifeguards to aquatics and fitness instructors to camp leaders and aquatic assistants – with an application deadline of March 31. The City is actively hiring with applications accepted on the City’s Recreation Jobs webpage: The City is Toronto’s largest recreation program provider and employs approximately 9,000 recreation workers annually, 5,000 of whom work primarily during the summer season. Additionally, more than 800 seasonal gardeners and parks workers are hired each year.

March 7, 2024

Scarborough Bluffs, Canada – Local Dry Cleaner Making an International Impact!



Style & Grace Cleaners, a local Scarborough Bluffs business of over 50+ years in the dry cleaning and garment care industry, is proud to announce that its owner, Nadine Rana, is the distinguished recipient of the 2024 Association of Wedding Gown Specialists’ Jack Barth Award of Excellence. This award is in recognition of Rana’s significant contributions towards the advancement, promotion, and development of industry standards for wedding gown cleaning and preservation.

Rana has taken the helm as a proud second-generation owner and has continued to elevate Style & Grace Cleaners as a beacon of excellence in the specialised field of wedding and ceremonial garment cleaning and preservation. Rana has set out on the path laid by her parents, Grace and Neville Mungal, who started their family dry cleaning business after immigrating to the Scarborough Bluffs community from Trinidad & Tobago in 1967. 

The Jack Barth Award of Excellence is presented by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, an international organisation dedicated to promoting the highest quality wedding gown care. This award acknowledges Rana’s outstanding contributions and service to the Association and its members, highlighting her commitment to excellence in the dry cleaning and garment care industry.

As members of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, Style & Grace Cleaners has become synonymous with exceptional care for wedding gowns, offering customised treatment plans for couture, bespoke, and one-of-a-kind custom-designed garments. Style & Grace Cleaners offers expertise and dedication to ensure that every item receives meticulous attention, preserving the beauty and integrity of garments and gowns for generations to come.

“This award is not only a recognition of our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence but also a testament to the trust our clients place in us to care for their most precious garments,” said Rana. “We are honoured to be recognized by the Association and remain committed to setting the gold standard in wedding gown care.”

Style & Grace Cleaners invites our clients, both new and returning to experience the award-winning service that is defining their reputation in the international industry. For more information about their services or to schedule a wedding gown consultation, please visit or contact us today at (416) 261-2204 to begin maintaining your style, with grace!

March 4, 2024

Concern for Scarborough Business re:Hotel Shelter Lease Extensions in Scarborough

Toronto City Council on Tuesday, February 7, 2024 passed a Motion under EC9.4 – Homelessness Services Capital Infrastructure Strategy: Real Estate Strategy and Lease Extensions to extend seventeen hotel leases for the purpose of housing unhoused people.

In sixteen of the hotels across Toronto many of which are in Scarborough, the lease extensions are for up to five years. The Delta Hotel at Kennedy/401 which has the highest number of clients (almost 400) will have a lease extension until December 31, 2025 as outlined in the EC9.4 Motion Amendment.

The Delta Hotel prior to COVID was a central meeting place for many businesses, tourists and residents of Scarborough and beyond. Lack of Scarborough business opportunities remain concerning to us as Scarborough does not presently have tourist, convention or sports tournament accommodation for anyone. As a result, this business is taken outside the Scarborough boundaries and more than likely outside of Toronto to hotels in York and Durham regions.

Continuation of The Delta Hotel Shelter lease until the end of 2025 and the remaining Scarborough hotels and motels as shelters for five years is not supportive of Scarborough’s small businesses. The economics that will accompany the FIFA World Cup in 2026 hosted in Toronto will not benefit Scarborough. Tourists who may visit Toronto will have no place to stay in Scarborough. Restaurants and shops will not reap any benefit.

Let’s hope Scarborough’s economy can be prioritized as we move to improved housing options throughout Toronto.

Rhoda Potter

Member Scarborough United Neighbourhoods

President Agincourt Village Community Association

March 4, 2024

Registration for City of Toronto spring recreation programs for Scarborough begins Wed. March 6

The quickest and easiest way to register is on the City’s Spring Recreation Programs webpage:

With approximately 13,500 registered courses and more than 127,000 spaces offered, the City is Toronto is the largest provider of recreation programs for people of all ages, skill levels and interests.. Programs include gardening, arts, fitness and wellness, sports and more.

Registration for spring recreation programs starts at 7 a.m. on the following dates: • March 5 – Etobicoke York (including York South-Weston), Toronto and East York • March 6 – North York and Scarborough

In-person registration

Five community centre locations will be open on the following dates from 7 a.m. to noon for in-person registration support: • Tuesday, March 5 o Driftwood Community Recreation Centre, 4401 Jane St. o Masaryk-Cowan Community Recreation Centre, 220 Cowan Ave. o Wellesley Community Centre, 495 Sherbourne St. • Wednesday, March 6 o Centennial Recreation Centre, 1967 Ellesmere Rd. o Dennis R. Timbrell Resource Centre, 29 St. Denis Dr.

Those who need help preparing for registration or want to register by phone can call 416-396-7378, Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The call centre will be open for extended hours on Monday, March 4, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on registration days from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Residents will need their family and client numbers to sign up for spring recreation programs and are encouraged to have this information ready before registration day. Residents can set up a new account or retrieve their existing client or family numbers by phone or online.

The City’s recreation programs are popular and many have waiting lists. If registrants are unable to attend their program, they are asked to contact their local community centre or call the customer service line at 416-396-7378 to cancel their registration so that the spot can be offered to someone else.

Spaces are also still available for Summer CampTO, which begins July 2. More information is available on the City’s CampTO webpage:

Welcome Policy yearly credit

The Welcome Policy credit can be used to register for City recreation programs. Those who receive social assistance (Ontario Works or Disability Support) and are living in Toronto are pre-approved to receive this credit and should speak to their caseworker or apply online. Toronto residents with family income that meets the criteria may also apply. More information on the criteria and how to apply can be found on the City’s Welcome Policy webpage:

Discounts for older adults

Participants 60 years old and older receive a 50 per cent discount on the regular price of adult recreation programs excluding private, semi-private and small group lessons. For more information about free programs and other subsidies for recreation programs, please visit the City’s Free & Lower-Cost Recreation Options webpage:

Come work for the City The City is hiring for all recreation positions including camp counsellors, lifeguards, wading pool attendants, gatekeepers, specialty camp instructors and special needs program staff.

More information about positions is available on the City’s Recreation Jobs webpage:

March 2, 2024

Honey & Barry Sherman Legacy Foundation donates $1 million to Scarborough Health Network to innovate diagnostic imaging

Scarborough Health Network (SHN) Foundation is thrilled to announce a generous donation of $1 million from the Honey & Barry Sherman Legacy Foundation to support exceptional healthcare for Scarborough.

“For over 40 years, my parents, Honey and Barry were committed philanthropists. They believed that they had a duty to help others by focusing on organizations that improve the lives of people. I am honoured to continue their legacy with this gift to support equitable, accessible healthcare for people living in Scarborough and the surrounding communities,” said daughter Alexandra Krawczyk, who leads the Honey & Barry Legacy Foundation.

This gift will enable SHN to create the new Honey & Barry Sherman Legacy Foundation Interventional Radiology Suite within the state-of-the-art Diagnostic Imaging Department at SHN’s General Hospital, which is scheduled to open in late 2024.

“We are so grateful to the Honey & Barry Sherman Legacy Foundation for their transformational gift,” said Alicia Vandermeer, President & CEO of SHN Foundation. “The philanthropy of Honey & Barry Sherman is profound, and we’re honoured to be part of their ongoing legacy. This donation will help our talented healthcare teams diagnose and treat various medical conditions in the Honey & Barry Sherman Legacy Foundation Interventional Radiology Suite, including cancer, heart disease, and stroke.”

Today, not every procedure needs to be performed in a full operating room under general anesthesia. Interventional radiology uses imaging technology, like X-rays and ultrasounds, to guide small instruments through the body to treat diseases without major surgery. Interventional radiology can be used to perform biopsies to diagnose cancer and what stage it is in, remove tumours, prevent kidney failure, and provide life-saving diagnoses in minimally invasive ways.

For patients, the benefits are significant. By avoiding surgery under anesthesia, they have less pain, fewer complications and can return to their normal lives faster. Plus, it frees the operating room for patients who need more complex operations.

The Honey & Barry Sherman Interventional Radiology Suite will be a critical part of SHN’s new Diagnostic Imaging Department to help ensure equitable, accessible care for Scarborough and the surrounding areas. Currently, diagnostic imaging is scattered around five locations at SHN’s General Hospital, impacting the patient experience. However, the new Diagnostic Imaging Department will combine all imaging modalities into one central location at the General Hospital, expanding to over 36,000 square feet and reducing wait times for critical interventional radiology by 50%.

SHN Foundation is inspired by the generosity of the Honey & Barry Sherman Legacy Foundation and their support of the Love, Scarborough campaign, which is raising critical funds and awareness for Scarborough’s hospitals.

May 19, 2023

Fireworks Need to Know from City of Toronto

No Display at Birchmount Park this Year.

2022 Display at Birchmount Park

TORONTO, May 17, 2023

For members of the Birch Cliff & Bluffs communities (and beyond) there will be no fireworks at Birchmount Park this long weekend. Event organizer Mathieu Yuill told Bluffs Monitor that 2023 has been overwhelming with business and personal commitments and he just didn’t have the time to put the show together.   

This upcoming long weekend, the City of Toronto is offering a wide range of fun, free activities and attractions for residents and visitors to enjoy including the annual Victoria Day fireworks display at Ashbridges Bay Park, city-wide exhibitions and outdoor activities. Fireworks at Ashbridges Bay Park The City will present Victoria Day fireworks at Ashbridges Bay Park ( starting at 10 p.m. on Monday, May 22. The show will feature beautiful fireworks and a spectacular finale. Ashbridges Bay Park is located on Lake Shore Boulevard East at the foot of Coxwell Avenue and is accessible by public transit. Attendees are encouraged to use public transit and leave personal vehicles at home. Information about TTC schedules, routes and expanded long weekend service is available at

Important safety reminder about fireworks. Fireworks are allowed without a permit only on Victoria Day and Canada Day until 11 p.m. on residents’ private property. Fireworks are not permitted in City parks or on beaches, balconies, streets, parking lots or a property that is not owned by the person setting off the fireworks.


April 20, 2023

Cherry Blossom Season in High Park

City of Toronto expects peak cherry blossom bloom to begin today across Toronto.

The City of Toronto is predicting that Toronto cherry blossom (Sakura) trees will reach peak bloom this week. Torontonians and visitors can enjoy this annual rite of spring in person at 15 park locations across the city where cherry blossom trees are present.

Tens of thousands of people come to see the blossoming Sakura in High Park annually. To help manage the volume of visitors to the park, vehicle access and parking inside High Park will be restricted starting Thursday, April 20 for the duration of peak bloom, with the exception of TTC Wheel-Trans vehicles.

“Cherry blossom season is back and I look forward to seeing residents and visitors enjoying the blossoms in High Park and in locations across Toronto. Thank you to City staff for the work they have done to prepare for blossom season and the work they will do throughout this spring and summer,” said Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie.

Cherry blossoms typically last between four to 10 days, depending on weather conditions. More information, including a map of locations and accessibility information, is available on the City’s Cherry Blossoms webpage:

City parks contain ecologically sensitive areas. Visitors are asked to stay on paved trails, avoid climbing the cherry trees or removing blossoms or branches and use designated bins for litter and recycling.

Many of the Sakura trees in High Park are roughly 60 years old. In 1959, the Japanese ambassador to Canada presented Sakura trees to the people of Toronto on behalf of the people of Tokyo. The trees were planted in appreciation of Toronto accepting relocated Japanese Canadians following the Second World War. Many of these trees were planted on the hillside overlooking Grenadier Pond.

Continuing this symbol of friendship since this original presentation, the City, the Consul-General of Japan in Toronto, the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre and private donors have continued to plant Sakura trees in Toronto.

Residents and visitors can also support Toronto’s Sakura cherry trees through the DonateTO portal at Contributions support planting new trees and maintaining existing trees (complementing existing City budgets and operations in this area) and enhanced landscaping at cherry tree locations. Donations also support interpretation and education around cherry trees.