Ward 24 Candidates

October 2018 / Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Ward 24 Candidates/Scarborough Guildwood

Paul Ainslie
Councillor Paul Ainslie is committed to the community. He has lived in eastern Scarborough all his life. Paul’s action plan: Keep crime rates in eastern Scarborough the lowest in GTA, add recreation programs suited to community needs, continue to hold monthly Town Hall meetings, complete the Clark Centre for the Arts and Guild Park and Gardens projects, build a Job Skills Training Centre to fight youth unemployment, implement a TTC community bus, GO Transit advance schedule to run every 15 minutes on Lakeshore East, relocate city employee jobs to Scarborough for better service, reduce speed limits around all schools to 30km, complete the Scarborough Waterfront Trail, implement a seize and destroy law to ensure guns are not resold, have the Eglinton East LRT built, address affordable housing needs and ensure Scarborough traditions survive and are celebrated! Paul has proven to be one of the hardest working Councillors at City Hall!
Priyanth Nallaratnams
Growing up in the  Scarborough-Guildwood area, I’ve seen Crime and drugs exponentially increase in our neighbourhoods and it will be my top priority to eliminate both because they have no place here. I will put our younger generation at heart of the community by increasing recreational programs for kids and at risk youth. I will do everything possible to ensure the subway goes through Scarborough increasing transit access to our residents. I will make affordable housing a reality by having developers include additional affordable housing units through competitive incentives. I will increase access to jobs by bringing in career fairs and workshops organized through private and public partnerships. Green spaces in Scarborough will be preserved and additional programs will be created to utilize the green space for recreational and educational activities.  Scarborough will be prioritized and remain affordable under my leadership and families will be put first!
Michelle Spencer
I have been asked to describe in 150 words just how I will service the people of Scarborough-Guildwood; that’s a difficult task. As someone who has grown up and lived most of her life in Scarborough, understanding the difficulties and issues faced by most of you, issues that are often ignored by our City Council, I pledge to dedicate my service to ensuring that the needs of this community are adequately and efficiently addressed by our Council. It’s time for the boundary east of Yonge to be seen as a priority. Issues such as transportation, affordable housing, etc., are often not addressed in our community. As your representative I can assure you that I will advocate for you. I may not be known to many of you, but we have had 12 years of the same face representing us, perhaps it is time for change. I am that change.