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November 2018/ Scarborough, Ontario


I came to Canada in 1951. My future in Germany looked bleak. There were few jobs, little food and even less money. We had the opportunity to go to Australia or Canada. With the optimism of a 19 year old boy, ….MORE

Staying in the B&B was a real comfort compared to the harsh beauty and splendor of work on the fiord. I’d wake each chilly morning to the sound of my small, transparent blue plastic, square, battery- ….MORE

It’s that time of year again: parent/teacher interviews are happening at our local schools! As a mother of three and a high school teacher for over thirty years, I know how busy with work, home, and family we all are. Many parents ….MORE

When Autumn arrives, the people who live in Bluffer’s Park, visit it, and maintain it, all begin to get ready for winter. Many changes start in September and progress as cold weather approaches.  ….MORE

A pastoral patch of land nestled in the midst of the bustling city of Scarborough is home to a thriving three-hundred-plus member Christian congregation, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. The church’s mission has been to share God’s love in ….MORE

Part 8 of our serial.