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January 2019 / Scarborough, Ontario


I used to be like many Canadians who dreaded autumn because winter soon followed.  In 2002 I started a dog walking and pet sitting business and quickly learned that if I didn’t change my attitude – and my wardrobe, winter would consume me and .MORE

Every week, a group of men and women from twenty-something to senior citizens, assembles by the side entrance to St. Paul’s Church in Cliffside. Each night of the week, similar groups convene in church basements throughout the GTA. The home-made sign beside the door shamelessly announces there is a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. ….MORE

In the past couple of decades, modern technology has dominated the lives of many globally and the impact of it is unmeasurable. While it is hard to remember what life was like before smart phones, tablets, and portable computers, at one point in time, typewriters were used in educational facilities, workplaces, and homes. ….MORE

So you’re thinking of opening an East Indian restaurant in the Bluffs and are wondering where it would be best to locate it. A good choice might be Highland Creek and areas north where the ethnic origin of over 11% of the population is East Indian. Or perhaps you are advertising items for sale in Birch Cliff and want to spread your appeal to people outside the English-speaking majority. …MORE

Part 10 of our serial.