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February 2019 / Scarborough, Ontario


old Nonnie Griffin, an icon of Canadian Theatre. Both Nonnie and her quaint little house on a large lot are anachronisms stubbornly resisting encroaching contractors. Her blue eyes dance as she happily reminisces about her career and passion: acting..MORE

Most of us have taken a handful of something and tossed it outside for the raccoons or deer that pass through our backyards in the night. We feel that we are helping them make it through the long, cold winter by providing a little treat. Some of us have even had wild ..MORE

As we walked towards the kennel, the dogs pulled their chains and barked and howled ferociously, as if to say “pick me, pick me!” One even climbed out of its kennel, scaling the two-metre high fence. If you think having dogs pull a sled is cruel, think again – these dogs are made …MORE

We’re well into the new term of council, and things aren’t looking good for people walking and biking in Scarborough. More than two years into the City’s 10 Year Cycling Network Plan, we’ve witnessed just over 30km out of the promised 525km of bike lanes built – and no new infrastructure in Scarborough.. …MORE

In keeping with the recent news of budget cutbacks, downsizing and reduction, Mother Nature has issued the following press release.The Dept. of Human Planning and Supply (DHPS) has announced the following alterations to the human race.. …MORE

Part 11 of our serial.