Willie Jose

March 2022

The Bench

I'm this wooden bench amidst the snows of winter,
If I could only talk, let me tell you a great love story.

I had been a silent witness to countless hours of two lovers'
undying love and vows for each other.

While sitting on my bench, they wouldn't mind people
passing by; always oblivious of life's going-on,
only caring, dreaming, wholeheartedly loving.

One time, this old guy visited my greying, decaying,
rustic bench. Oh, what a surprise for him,
I still look new, untouched by the clock's hands passing

Both of us are old now, but I'll always be fresh,
See how love can veil one's eyes, seeing things differently?

What a joy for me, witnessing this unbreakable, unbowed love.
Where are these lovers now?

With only one of them sitting on me
Though my heart breaks, let it be, let it be.