Willie Jose May’21

Pray First, And Get The Vaccine

By Willie Jose

The world today is in chaos because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Living in these days is stressful; all we read in the papers and watch on TV are pandemic updates: the Covid-19 infection is surging, people are dying, and hospitals are full of infected patients.

Words and phrases that come to mind are lockdowns, stay-at-home, variant cases climb, wear your masks etc.
Life’s uncertainty is foremost in peoples’ minds – and they are at a loss as to what to do.

The simple act of being vaccinated against this virus is not even an easy decision;

However, all is not lost. We must take comfort where we can. For my wife and I, we take some comfort in the Bible – despite all these depressing conditions happening in our midst.

Let me tell you my story:
Before going to the Scarborough Town Center to get jabbed with the vaccine, I read Proverbs 3:5-6 that says “Trust in Jehovah with all your heart, And do not rely on your own understanding. In all your ways take notice of him, And he will make your paths straight.”

With these verses in mind, my wife and I proceeded to the vaccination center, where I had my first shot of Pfizer vaccine on April 11.

We left the house early and when we arrived at STC, a man at the door directed us to the reception area. We were immediately assisted and interviewed by a woman. She asked us about some of our concerns and other issues, like allergies. My wife expressed her worries about not being comfortable with taking the vaccine. She has some allergies, and she had read some of the side effects of the vaccine might affect her.

We then proceeded to the nurse who would give us our injection. Again, we expressed our concerns, especially my case. I told her that I have some fears of having the covid vaccine because of my previous experience.

I was hesitant to get vaccinated because I have been traumatized by a vaccine in the past. In December 1998, I had my seasonal flu shot, and after taking that vaccine, I began to feel unwell and it lasted for more than three weeks. Eventually I told my family to take me to the hospital because I feared that it was not the flu that was making me sick for so long. When we reached the hospital and took some examinations, the doctor told me that I had leukemia. The doctors could not believe my story; that my flu shot may have triggered my cancer. I was bedridden for the entire 1999 calendar year.

After telling that story, I said, ‘I’m taking the shot because I don’t have any choice—with this covid-19 pandemic, we are virtually dealing with an invisible enemy.’ However, the nurse assured me that after the shot, I could stay for the next 15 minutes because if I would have any strong reaction to the vaccine, it would show immediately within those minutes.
I took my shot at

12:40 p.m., by 1:14, we were out of the station. Paramedics were on hand to assist people who had just taken the vaccine and in case of an emergency, there was an ambulance on standby.
Most of the people there were seniors, some had canes and some were in wheelchairs, but overall, everything was in order. Before we left, I got a little note and a little card that says “I had my vaccine.”

I have been Ok since taking the vaccine; I have no adverse reaction.
In the situation we are facing these days, fighting an invisible enemy, sometimes all we can do is pray.