Willie Jose

Guildwood - Our New Home     June 2022

View from the twelfth floor of our apartment. Below is one of the trails that leads to lake Ontario.

It’s all green everywhere, a peaceful environment with happy people; that’s how I will describe the Guildwood community being our new home.

Looking around the Guildwood area is exhilarating. Almost everything is green: numerous trees, green lawns, plants dotting the houses’ front yards and backyards. In the morning or the late afternoon, residents walk through trails straight to the woods and the lake. It’s normal to see people briskly walking or walking their dogs around the neighbourhood—and don’t be surprised to see birds on houses’ green lawns or perching on those little tree branches on the streets.

Since we moved into our new home in the Guildwood area, I think we have an almost perfect place to retire. It’s quiet on all fronts. No noisy cars could disturb your afternoon nap, most significantly when retiring to bed after a hectic day. The cool breeze coming from the lake is good enough to put you in sound sleep. The only thing you can hear is the roaring of the lake’s waves and the sound of the wind, and from time to time, the cooing of pigeons.

Oh, what a day to begin with when the people we meet in the streets, whether they are walking with their canes, on their movable walkers, greet us ‘hello” good morning. Simply walking the neighbourhood is quite a delight, seeing hikers and seniors walking with their dogs, enjoying the green scenery. What is most noticeable is that these people will not allow anyone to pass them by without greeting them.

More than the beauty of the Guildwood surroundings, the people make the place unique, their smiling faces, welcoming greetings, and their courtesy in stepping aside, thereby allowing more space for some people walking on canes and wheelchairs.

The “little” mall at the corner of Livingstone and Guildwood parkway is enough to serve our immediate needs. There is a Tim Hortons, library, Value Mart, banks, pharmacy, travel office, doctor’s office, dental clinic, animal clinic, pizza parlour, post office, and a convenience store.

Living on the twelfth floor of an apartment affords us a beautiful view of the pristine, expansive Lake Ontario, along with its trees–and there are no infrastructures that could blur its scenery. My new neighbourhood has a park and the famous and historic Guild Inn, too.

Maybe, in the next few days, we’ll get a chance to have our breakfast at The Guild Inn restaurant and go around the park and gardens, feast our eyes on paintings—it was once an artists’ colony, after all.

But why am I writing this little piece? Since we came to this community in March, I could help myself but record my first impressions of seeing my neighbourhood’s beautiful surroundings and observing the people living in this vibrant place. Since this place will be our permanent home in the coming years, we have a chance of a lifetime to see the beauty of this Guildwood community.