Ward 20 Candidates

October 2018 / Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Ward 20 Candidates/Scarborough Southwest

Gerard T Arbour
I have lived with family and practiced as a Chiropractor in Scarborough Southwest for 25 years. I run a popular facebook page called BluffsTo If elected to City Council, I will be serving an 8 year term limit if re-elected. I will be enrolling Community leaders for Community Associations, Residential Development Associations, and their will be Community Task Forces with tasks and force. There will be regular communications for business support and Community news. As a resident Councillor, there will be engagement and initiative on issues that need to be addressed now. Regular Community Clean-ups, safety audits and service assessments will occur. Kingston Road will be revitalized, streetscaped, better maintained, and a better reflection of our Communities. As Councillor, there will not be party politics, I will show up at Council and be a strong voice to represent the best interests of those in Scarborough Southwest.
Diane Dyson 
Toronto, our city of neighbourhoods, is splintering apart. Can we find a way to include everyone as our neighbourhoods change? Will we protect libraries, community programs, and childcare as places our community needs? Where do arts and culture, nature and green spaces, housing and development fit in our community?  These answers aren’t coming from political insiders. If we want solutions, we need different voices to represent us all. So I am leaning in.  I sincerely believe we are a community that cares. I saw it as I raised my kids here in our east-end neighbourhood. I saw it as I worked in community and for it. From bedbug funding to vacant stores and Pop-Up shops to school hubs, I have created change.  If we want a community where everyone belongs, I’ll need your support on Election Day. Your vote for me is a vote for all of us!
Mohsin Bhuiyan
If I become elected, I will focus on 3 main priorities; public safety, infrastructure and the delivery of necessary services, and promoting an environment that attracts and retains businesses. These three priorities are on the top of my to do list. I will also have an office that is available to the people part of the Scarborough-Southwest community. This way I can hear everyone’s concerns and help to better our community. I’ve lived in this community for 28 years, and have always felt disconnected from my city councillor as they are no where to be seen. I want to be available to everyone, that way problems can be solved, and our community can improve as a whole.
Paulina Corpuz
Paulina Corpuz is a mother, 25-year Scarborough Southwest resident, effective social 
justice advocate, and entrepreneur. Paulina studied Psychology in university. She 
completed several certificates like the Non-Profit Sector Management, Business Analysis, and Change Management. Her professional experience includes: organizer, business 
analyst, manager, and, CEO.  Corpuz’s priority is addressing poverty issues: community safety, affordability, accessibility, and well-being of residents particularly on housing, transit, jobs, and better social services. She strongly believes in the power of the people 
in resolving the complex issues in Scarborough through an integrated solution and a strong partnership between the government, residents/community, private sector and 
business.  The City Council will benefit from the diverse perspective and rich 
experience of a woman of colour, a social justice advocate, an entrepreneur and most of all, a mother.  MAKE SCARBOROUGH A BETTER PLACE FOR EVERYONE, VOTE Paulina CORPUZ on October 22, 2018.   Visit www.paulinacorpuz.com
Gary Crawford
My commitment to residents is to work hard, be accessible and build safe, vibrant, walkable neighbourhoods.My team and I have resolved over 14,000 local issues. This past year alone I hosted or attended more than 100 community meetings, and I will continue to be in the community and at City Hall getting things done regardless of Council size. I will continue to take action and be a strong voice for our community and for Scarborough. Whether it’s getting rid of derelict motels, protecting thecharacter of our neighbourhoods, advocating for park improvements or fixing potholes, your concerns are mine. I continue to ensure investments are made to keep communities and road safe, to hold the line on taxes and to invest in key priorities. I will alwayscontinue to support better transit including an integrated Scarborough transit plan and local transit improvements such as the Kingston Roadcontinuous bus.
Michelle Holland Berardinetti
I have lived in the heart of Scarborough Southwest for over 15 years.   I will continue 
to deliver for Scarborough Southwest on the issues that matter to residents including 
community safety, reducing traffic gridlock, upgrading public transit and only supporting development proposals that residents support and that protect the character of existing neighbourhoods as well as create healthy walkable neighbourhoods.  Community safety concerns us all and I ensured that our Oakridge neighbourhood was among the first to 
participate in the Toronto Police Neighbourhood Officer Program that puts more officers on our streets.  I will expand this program across Scarborough Southwest.  I ensured that Scarborough Southwest was first to have the Vision Zero traffic and pedestrian safety plan installed around our schools and I will ensure that this too expands across all of Scarborough Southwest.  My priority has always been our community and I will continue working hard for Scarborough Southwest.
Suman Roy
I am a very passionate community advocate and leader in public service with over a decade of experience with City Hall, including the Board of Health and Toronto Food 
Policy Council. I also assisted in writing the first Food Strategy for the City of Toronto. Furthermore, I have extensively collaborated with Federal & Provincial governments on policies and legislations.  My priorities will include:Supporting a Rapid and affordable TRANSIT system in Scarborough, and keeping it PUBLIC.ROAD SAFETY in our neighbourhoods.  Sustained funding for and enhanced accessibility to AFFORDABLE HOUSING.I will endeavor to foster partnerships with LOCAL BUSINESSES to promote economic growth. Toronto Food and Poverty Reduction Strategies needs to be implemented through our ward – no one should go hungry.I am your #RoyOfHope. Allow me to represent you in City Hall and demand respect for Scarborough Southwest. On October 22 VOTE for Suman ROY.