Ward 19 Candidates

October 2018 / Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Ward 19 Candidates/Beaches East York

Paul Bura
As Councillor for Beaches-East York, I would ensure to voice the suggestions, 
concerns and issues of the constituents. I am accessible, transparent and accountable to my community. One of my main priorities is updating aging infrastructure. Keeping the charm of the past but preparing us for a community of the future.  Old sewer lines need replacing, our sidewalks need repairing and our aged streets need resurfacing. I would advocate for the forward motion of our transit plans. Keep the wheels turning on SmartTrack, LRT and Relief Line plans. Implement safe bike lanes on streets that make sense and not hinder traffic flow.  Promote vibrant businesses on our main streets. Apply rebates to successful businesses and increase taxes on vacant properties. Remove certain time restrictions on street paid parking. I know small differences can have a big impact. 
I intend to be the voice at city hall this community needs.www.PaulBura.ca
Diane Dyson 
Toronto, our city of neighbourhoods, is splintering apart. Can we find a way to include everyone as our neighbourhoods change? Will we protect libraries, community programs, and childcare as places our community needs? Where do arts and culture, nature and green spaces, housing and development fit in our community?  These answers aren’t coming from political insiders. If we want solutions, we need different voices to represent us all. So I am leaning in.  I sincerely believe we are a community that cares. I saw it as I raised my kids here in our east-end neighbourhood. I saw it as I worked in community and for it. From bedbug funding to vacant stores and Pop-Up shops to school hubs, I have created change.  If we want a community where everyone belongs, I’ll need your support on Election Day. Your vote for me is a vote for all of us!
Josh Makuch
When I’ve faced daunting challenges, no one has ever told me to stay on the sidelines. Not the men and women I led in Afghanistan. None of my clients in business. They’ve all said, “Get in the game – find a way. Listen, build consensus, fight when necessary.” It’s in that spirit that I’m running for City Council. Because we have serious challenges and amazing opportunities. I’ll get us moving again by addressing gridlock and problems on roads like Woodbine, while ensuring that our streets are safe for all users. I’ll work to revitalize commercial arteries and propose a vacancy tax on spaces that have been empty far too long. And I’ll deliver on the City’s plan to address gun crime in our city. I’m not same old, I’m not more of the same. I’m running because I believe it’s time for new leadership and new ideas in Beaches – East York
Frank Marra
If elected Councillour I will maintain and expand the open lines of communication that I have long been known for. I believe that a local Councillour must first be exactly that, local and engaged with the ward they represent. With the new 25 ward model, that will be of even greater need and importance to constituents who will be concerned that a Councillour’s workload could detract from them being responsive to community wants. I pledge, subject to budgetary limits set by Council, to maintain a visible office local in the ward to assist in constituent engagement and contact. I will serve them first and always as I conduct the duties of office. Contact will be held through as many practical means as possible including telephone, internet, social media and community events and newsletters as well as community meetings as they arise or are call for to respond to community concerns.
 Morley Rosenberg
If elected as City Councillor I will bring my wealth of 35 years of public service to help address the major issues facing Toronto today.  I am a former lawyer and longtime resident of Toronto. I was the former Mayor of Kitchener for 6 years as well as City Councillor and Chair of the City Planning Committee of Kitchener for 9 years.  I was a member of the Ontario Municipal Board for 20 years and more recently served on the Committee of Adjustment. Many of the issues revolve around financing. To effectively address major issues of housing, crime and transportation we must involve all three levels of government and rate payer groups to efficiently resolve these problems. The input of neighbourhood groups is invaluable. When all levels come up with effective compromises the city itself will benefit and continue to be one of the top ranked cities in the world.
Adam Smith
As councillor I will ensure residents have a say in the changes in their neighbourhood BEFORE they happen.  Public consultation should start at the ground floor, with solutions coming from those residents directly affected, to be guided and refined by the expert staff at the city.  After observing and gathering evidence of transportation issues for years I have devised solutions that see our streets as a transportation network, not just a series of individual intersections in isolation. Complete streets are not just about adding bike lanes or improving transit, it is about making roads more safe and efficient for all users.
Development has been a contentious issue for years now, as the OMB empowered by the Growth Plan imposed inappropriate developments all over the city.  I will fight for responsible development that is sensitive to the neighbourhoods it goes into, and is timed with mass transit improvements