Tammy Nikou April’21

Refresh Your Home This Spring

By Tammy Nikou

Growing up in Guildwood, I always loved the Bluffs community. So, when it was time to find a home to raise our family, I knew I was coming back. As a designer, I also loved that the houses had their own character, people took pride in their homes, and that we could renovate a house to truly make it our own.

With the pandemic this past year, many of us have been stuck at home spending lots of time looking at what’s been bothering us about our space and wondering what we can change. Additionally, with our daily lives looking quite a bit different these days, it’s a great time to think about how we want to live and potentially work in our homes. With little to no travel plans in the near future, all of that vacation money you’ve been saving can be used to create that home of your dreams and you have the time to do it!

Spring is definitely the time to do a “home refresh” or renovation. Here are some spaces in your home to think about sprucing up and transforming!

  1. Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and usually everything seems to happen there from preparing food, eating, doing homework, working, and entertaining. So it only makes sense that you want it to be beautiful and functional too. An expert can help you create a kitchen that is beautiful, utilizes the space better, and create that one thing most houses need more of – storage! Plus, you will definitely get a return on your investment. Take time to plan it out and work with someone who has the expertise to make this renovation seamless. If a kitchen renovation isn’t in the cards for you right now, some other quick and budget friendly updates you can make include re-finishing cabinetry, changing hardware, adding new light fixtures, or changing the faucet. These simple changes can really update your kitchen and give it a fresh new look.


  1. Bathroom

A bathroom renovation can also add to the beauty, functionality, and value of your home. Especially now, the bathroom is a great place to create that perfect spa retreat within your home. The key is to do your planning up front and design a space that not only meets your style, but also works for your family’s needs. Consider adding things like heated floors, modern black or brass fixtures, lights, and a steam shower for a luxurious spa bathroom.


  1. Basement

A finished basement will not only give you a high ROI, but it will also provide you with a brand-new living space and in many cases double the living space of your home. Whether you decide to create a new media room, playroom, or game room (or maybe all three) is up to you. With proper space planning, you can create an amazing new space that’s both beautiful and functional for your family to enjoy. Who knows, maybe you will be able to entertain guests in it soon!


  1. Home Office

With many of us working from home this past year due to the pandemic, one of the areas that seems to be lacking is a proper office space. When setting up a dedicated home office, consider things like privacy, lighting, and your technology and communication needs. Take the time to create a space in your home where you can set up a home office that will help you stay productive, positive, and healthy!


  1. Backyard

The backyard has become an extension of our home and can add to your living space. Think about how you use your backyard today and how you would want to use it. Consider things like dining, entertaining, and play areas as you plan your space so that you can create the perfect outdoor oasis for you and your family. Don’t underestimate the positive impact of a new coat of paint and some landscaping. Plan ahead so you can enjoy your new backyard this summer and create your at-home summer getaway!


To conclude, those are some top areas I would recommend focusing on if you’re thinking about refreshing your home! Now that you’re inspired, what home projects are you going to tackle this spring?