Supporting Local Businesses , On Kingston Rd & In The Bluffs

By Gerard Arbor
With COVID-19 concerns, many local businesses are quickly adapting by adopting enhanced services such as advanced order, online ordering and delivery.
The practices of social distancing and minimizing personal contact with service and payment are catching on. As a consumer/customer here are some ways of being proactive safer for self with intentions to Support Local Business.

1. Be informed on COVID-19 exposure and symptoms, as well as action steps to avoid contagion. If not feeling well, stay at home. Seek direction and take care. Please … do not risk other’s health and business prospects.

2. Avoid the big crowds, take time to support the small shops and Family businesses with less crowd and smaller lineups These businesses are the ones that sponsor the local teams.

3. Gauge the risk in some stores, ensure proper measures and standards are taken for cleanliness, and social distancing in lines is respected.

4. Avoid the urge to shop online with the conglomerates if an item can be purchased locally. It may be more of an effort and/or extra cost … but again, big name online retailers do not support local community like many local small businesses do.

5. Inquire if local retail shops have online purchasing and mailing/delivery as an option.

6. Dining In is now Not an option for restaurants … order out and carry out. Most local restaurants/pubs/fast food shops have advanced order pick up and delivery options.

7. Avoid opportunistic unlicensed home businesses.

8. Purchase Gift Cards from local shops and services if available.
Supporting now would be much appreciated.

9. Perhaps tip a bit more than usual. Those servers that are seeing less customers would appreciate that.

10. Reach out and inquire to local businesses on new hours of operations, new business practices and new services offered. Follow them on Facebook/Instagram/Other Channels to keep up to date.

11. Adopt Local Businesses. Share the stories to family/friends/neighbours on the good will and trust earned.