Staying in Touch with Councilor Gary Crawford

January 2019 / Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Staying In Touch with Councilor Gary Crawford

By Gary Crawford
Happy New Year!
Going, going, gone!  Early in the new-year you will see the demolition of the Eastside Motel. The Eastside Motel’s derelict conditions and accompanying activities have been of great concern to the community for many years. With the seniors’ shelter residence relocating to 3306 Kingston Road, I made the commitment that the Eastside Motel would go – and it is. Following the demolition of the East Side Motel, the new seniors’ facility will open in the spring, providing safe, suitable lodging for 95 seniors. The Community Liaison Committee continues to work with City Staff to ensure a smooth transition for both the residents and the neighbouring community. The next Community Liaison meeting is on January 14th, 2019. 
Here to Stay! Blantyre pool is not slated to close. The pool is in need of repair and somehow discussions regarding that work and park improvements resulted in the conveyance of inaccurate information. The pool repairs are included in the capital projects plan. 
Parks and Recreation will host a public consultation in the New Year to discuss the pool facility and overall park improvements. Following input from this community consultation a follow up meeting will be hosted once a clear direction for the entire park has been established.
Join us in the New Year, on Saturday January 5th for the Skate Celebration and official opening of the leisure skate trail and outdoor rink at McCowan District Park. There will be family activities, music, and of course, lots of skating fun. Come and join us to celebrate the official opening of the leisure skate trail and outdoor rink. The activities will be hosted from11 a.m. – 1 p.m. It’s been a pleasure to see so many residents already in full swing, enjoying time on the ice of the newly minted McCowan District Park rinks and trail.
Skate Exchange – Give Away at the Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre on January 12th, 2019.  As part of a successful Ice Skate Donation Drive, skates were donated and the organizers are now passing these forward to those who are new to Canada and to skating. Don Montgomery CRC Community Kitchen, lower level 2467 Eglinton Avenue East. Hope to see you there. For more details call 416-396-4043.
Capacity Building for Cliffside business operators. I recently hosted another in the series of Capacity Building meetings for Cliffside business operators with the goal of creating a BIA (Business Improvement Area). BIAs help businesses work together, identify and plan for long and short term objectives, improve street-scaping, organize festivals, and attract local residents (over 35,000 people live within a 10 minute walk of the Cliffside shops). 
Cliffside has much to offer, and it’s clear that with the enthusiasm of the business operators and the community, Cliffside will again be a thriving retail and dining destination. 
As well, Cliffside is now home to a new street as a result of the VHL condo development. The street has been named Leatherwood Gardens, after a large shrub indigenous to the area.
Cliffside gateway signs are receiving a much needed make-over. As part of the Cliffside Capacity Building program, upgrades to the signs are underway. Be assured the original and well-loved design will be retained.
Please contact my office if you would like to chat, share a concern or set up a meeting.   416-392-4052