Staying In Touch June’21

With Coucillor Gary Crawford

By Gary Crawford

 I hope you are all continuing to stay safe, while enjoying the beautiful weather. I’ve certainly been taking advantage of it by getting outside as much as I can to garden and take in some Vitamin D.

I understand this pandemic has taken a toll on everyone but we need to remember to stay positive. Every day more and more Canadians are getting vaccinated and with each vaccination we are one step closer to overcoming this challenge. Vaccine eligibility has expanded significantly since my last letter due to increased supply. I encourage everyone who is eligible, to get vaccinated as we continue to move towards achieving the ultimate goal – wellness and happiness outside of COVID.

So many things have been put on hold, including community clean-ups! I will be hosting clean-up events across the ward once it is deemed safe to do so. In the meantime, I encourage you to reach out to my office with areas you have in mind so that we can be ready to go!
I am happy to share with you that City staff have just completed their month long City-wide spring clean-up. Here are some impressive stats:
• 5,747 trucks clearing more than 7,295 tonnes of garbage and debris from streets, sidewalks, parks and ravines
• 1,600 tonnes of garbage cleared from parks, and
• 770 square metres of graffiti was cleaned
Thank for reaching out to our office and identifying areas in your neighbourhoods. As a result, Brooklawn & Broadmead (ravine on east side), Larwood (end of road by the Bluffs), and Brimley (going down to Bluffers Park) have also been cleaned in Scarborough Southwest. For any other areas needing attention, please contact 311.
I am continuing to host virtual one-on-one meetings with any residents of Scarborough Southwest every Friday morning. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions you’d like to discuss with me, I’d love to hear from you. To schedule a virtual meeting please reach out to my office.

Safety is a priority and concern for all of us. A message to all drivers, please be alert and abide by speed limits. As summer approaches, more of us will be outside so caution and careful driving is a must! If you would like to have a slowdown sign delivered to your home, I would be more than happy to drop one off by your home.
As I look forward to meeting in person in the near future at community meetings, events and celebrations this will not be possible unless we all remember to wear a mask, practice social distancing and abide by the restrictions in place to keep us safe.

By doing our part to get COVID-19 numbers down and mobilizing to increase vaccinations across the Ward and the City, we are protecting not only our families and loved ones but those around us, as well. Thank you to our frontline and essential workers, who every day are taking an increased risk for us, every day.

There is no doubt that the pandemic has affected the mental health of many people. Please take some time every day to care for yourself, whether it is getting outside for a walk, connecting with a friend or family member or cooking your favourite meal. Continue to stay positive and be kind. We have come so far, let’s not give up now!

As always, please feel free to contact my office with any issues, comments or feedback. We’ll do our very best to assist you.