SHN Gift

The Lals wanted to give back to the Scarborough community because it had been a part oftheir lives for over 30 years. They migrated to Canada in the early 1970s with $48 in theirpockets and started a business in their family basement. Their company, Metro Label becameone of the largest label manufacturers in North America and it all started in Scarborough.

“Our business Metro Label was located in Scarborough for 33 years. We wanted to support care in Scarborough, where we grew our business and where many of our employees lived.

We know our investment in SHN will help care for them and their families.” says Deepa and Narinder Lal.

​Thanks to the Lals, patients at SHN’s Emergency will benefit from less waiting, improved patient care, and the advanced technology all patients expect and deserve. This transformative gift will allow SHN to purchase new equipment and technology and will enable our community to benefit
from the most advanced diagnostic and treatment tools.

The gift will also support the Arrhythmia Program at the Centenary hospital known for itsexpertise in implanting pacemaker devices, electrophysiology and complex ablations to treat people with heart conditions.