Scarborough Theatre Guild

Red Plaid Shirt     April 2022

By Julie Adams

The lights are back on! It has taken 2 years and 5 days for Scarborough Theatre Guild to get its show A Red Plaid Shirt onto the stage. This show has been rescheduled 5 times! Originally set to open April 2020, it was rescheduled to June 2020 due to the first provincial shut down. Then rescheduled to September 2020. Then October 2021. The STG Board had high hopes for the January 2022 opening. Finally, the time has come for a full run: April 8 to 23, 2022. Most of the original cast and crew held on for the 2 years and are now anxious for opening night.

“Our first priority has always been to ensure the health and safety of our cast, crew, and patrons,” said Scarborough Theatre Guild’s President Len Henderson (who is playing Marty in A Red Plaid Shirt). With that said, seating capacity is reduced, patrons will be required to show proof of vaccination and continue to wear a mask while in the theatre. “We hope everyone will understand these continued precautions. We don’t have understudies, so we need to help keep cast and crew safe for the entire run. Definitely don’t want to have to cancel any show dates due to illness,” said Len.

Throughout the pandemic, the Board of Scarborough Theatre Guild continued their monthly meetings, over Zoom, with COVID being a main topic of each meeting. For much of the two years the Board waited to hear about provincial and city updates regarding in person live performances at theatres. They were able to hold their first all in person meeting in March 2022.

The Scarborough Theatre Guild shows for the remainder of the 2021/22 season:

A Red Plaid Shirt

by Michael G. Wilmot. How do you cope with retirement? Even more pressing, how do you cope with your husband’s retirement? Join Marty, Deb, Fred and Gladys in this light comedy as they seek out new interests to occupy their now abundant leisure time. Choices range from art classes and woodworking projects to rediscovering your youth on a motorcycle, or becoming an obsessive hypochondriac. Middle ground may seem hard to find, but that’s what teamwork–and marriage–is about, right? April 8 – 23, 2022

The Stillborn Lover

by Timothy Findley. The abrupt recall of a highly regarded Canadian ambassador from his post, the mysterious death of a Russian youth found brutally murdered in a Moscow hotel room, and the ambitions of an Ottawa diplomat combine to explore the darker side of loyalty and commitment, when the stakes are high and diplomatic careers hang by a thread. This play is an alluring tale of mystery, betrayal, diplomacy and love. July 8 – 23, 2022 Box office: or 416-267-9292