RCoS December’20

Rotary Tree of Remembrance

The Rotary Club of Scarborough has established a unique fundraiser for this year.

We call it The Rotary Tree of Remembrance and it works like this.

For a donation, folks will write the name of a loved one they wish to remember or a front-line worker they wish to acknowledge on a ribbon to be placed on our Tree of Remembrance.

The tree is a live one and grows on the front yard of the Church of the Holy Trinity in the Guildwood area of Scarborough. The tree will be fitted with a special apparatus with which the ribbons will be attached.

Because COVID is preventing us from getting together this year, we need to do this online.

You can simply e-transfer me your donation. brucepettit67@gmail.com.  I have arranged to Auto Deposit so no password is required. In the memo box of the e-transfer, simply write Tree of Remembrance along with the names you wish to be placed on the ribbons and how many ribbons you would like.

I will then transfer your donation money to our club treasurer and Ingrid and I will write your chosen names on the ribbons and ensure they are hung on the tree.

All donations received are used for The Rotary Club of Scarborough projects both in our local community and around the globe.

I am attaching a brochure for this fundraiser as well as a picture of our tree albeit quite bare right now.

Raising funds this year has been difficult with the COVID restrictions. Please help out the best you can.

Let me end by wishing you the best of the season and hopefully a much better 2021.