Pandemic Panic

By Jules Delorme

By now you’ve heard all the precautions by those in the know and those with only the vaguest knowledge of what Covid 19 is, how it works, and how we should best avoid becoming a statistic. Social distance and cleaning our hands for at least 20 seconds. Avoiding large crowds. That’s what the experts tell us and it makes perfect sense. The point of government actions has been to flatten the curve, to prevent full scale spreading of the disease. It may not seem as deadly or as dangerous as the Black Plague, the Spanish Flu, or even Sars. But because it has a long dormancy period and ironically because it does not kill as many or as quickly enables it to spread much more subtly and for far longer than those other diseases. So we take precautions. And we should take those precautions seriously.

The questions I’m getting as a trainer is whether or not we can still exercise. We can. Taking all those precautions that we’re supposed to take. If your gym is closed then you can go for walks, bike rides, hikes or runs keeping in mind that social distancing. If your gym is smaller and remains open then you can work out as long as you take all the obvious precautions. Keep your distance, not just for your sake, but for the sake of others. Clean your machine or your station after using it. And keep in mind that when you work out your body places all its resources in your muscles, your heart and your lungs, which means that your resistance to disease is somewhat weakened. All the more reason to take precautions. Shower at home if you can. Take your vitamins.

A healthy diet becomes more important if you want to keep your immune system functional. You don’t have to stop living your life. But if you are over 60 then you do have to avoid exposure to a much greater degree than a younger person would.

Don’t panic. Don’t believe every single thing you read on the Internet. But be cautious. Use your common sense. If we all do that then the curve of infection will flatten and hospitals and government services won’t be overloaded. Take this virus seriously. Take your health more seriously for the next little while.

Keep your social distance. Wash and clean frequently. That’s what we know right now. That’s the reality of our lives at this moment. It won’t last forever if we all use our common sense. Oh, and you don’t need that much toilet paper. You just don’t. Even if you were to run out you can do what your ancestors did and use substitutes. Hoarding is just stupid behaviour at its worst. That’s it. That’s all. It’s not exactly simple. And it isn’t going to be exactly easy. But going crazy is not going to protect you nearly as much as common sense.

~ Jules Delorme is a Personal
Trainer & MMA Coach,