Nick Kossovan February’21

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Leveraging Social Media for Your Job Search

By Nick Kossovan

I’m often asked: Other than LinkedIn, how can I use social media to find a job?

While there are aggregate job sites that mine job openings from around the Internet, such as Indeed, SimplyHired, and Glassdoor, there’s another powerful tool you can leverage in your job search — social media.

Here’s 5 ways you can leverage your social network for your job search:

  1. Let people know you’re looking.

Social media’s primary reason for existence is to be a platform to have your voice heard, so why not use it to let people know you’re looking for a job? Letting people know you’re looking can result in you learning about unadvertised job openings (I’m sure you’ve heard about the hidden job market).

Post something along the lines of “I’m currently looking for a job in inside sales. If you know of an employer who’s hiring, please let me know along with contact details.”

This simple post will go a long way for your job search. To increase your engagement, add your experience, track record, and post regularly – say every 3 days with different hashtags.

For your posts to show up in the right feeds, use relevant hashtags related to your industry. Suppose you’re looking for a job in accounting; in that case, a Google search of “accounting hashtags” will result in hashtags you can use.

TIP: Make sure your social media accounts are public.

  1. Use Facebook lists

Facebook lists are a way to build your social network beyond just your family and friends, broadening your reach beyond your current social network. You can add professional contacts without worrying about them seeing personal things you post.

To create a list, select See More from the menu bar on the left, then scroll down and select Friend Lists. You’ll see an option to create a new list. Ensure you set custom privacy settings to keep those in your new lists of “professional friends” from seeing your regular updates.

  1. Join industry conversations on Twitter.

Twitter is a great platform to start building a network of influencers in your industry. Find and follow people who work in your industry and area, start joining in their conversations, and make yourself known.

TIP: As part of your Twitter bio include a link to your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Engage in discussions.

There’s no shortage of discussions regarding every imaginable industry going on throughout the Internet – especially on social media platforms. Even if you’re looking to get into a niche profession like a water slide tester or a professional bridesmaid (Yes, such a job exists.), I guarantee you a group (discussion forum) catering to such professionals resides somewhere on the Internet.

Following and liking posts by companies, recruiters, industry leaders, and people you want to connect with is something you should do daily.

Set Google alerts for key topics to your industry. Search for relevant hashtags on Twitter and look for industry-relevant groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Your comments need to be articulate, well thought out, considerate of others (rudeness devalues your professionalism), and grammatically on point.

Post relevant articles, along with commenting why you’re posting the article and your thoughts on the author’s point of view. Your goal is to increase your online reputation, which in turn will organically grow your followers. Now, when an employer Googles you, they’ll see you are an active participant in their industry and somewhat of a SME (Subject Matter Expert).

  1. Follow hashtags

It’s common for companies to advertise their job openings on Twitter. A few of the common hashtags used which you’ll want to follow are #NowHiring, #Hiring, and #JobOpening.

These are just a few of the many ways you can leverage your social network in your job search. One more thing, as part of your contact information, add your social profiles to your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Having an active social presence and not being afraid to promote yourself goes a long way with employers. Inevitably, employers will check your digital footprint. By providing links to your social media accounts, you’re saying, “Please go ahead, check me out. I have nothing to hide.” In 2021, this is a significant turn-on with employers.

~ Nick Kossovan is the Customer Service Professionals Network’s Director of Social Media (Executive Board Member). Submit your social media questions to