May 9, 2022-3

38th Annual Toronto Police Children's Games at Variety Village

It started from humble beginnings when a small group of officers from 41 Division utilized their coffee fund to support a fun day at Variety Village with about a dozen children.

It has grown over the years and on Saturday May 9, there were approximately 125 participants from communities across the GTA who come together for a special day with family members, volunteers and police personnel. A very close partnership has been fostered between the families and Service members. As many families return year over year, so do many volunteers. Last year, and again this year, siblings have been allowed to join in the games.

Many of the participants have grown up with the games over the past 35 years and those relationships have become a part of our extended Police Family. As well, many of the athletes have returned as volunteers at these games; the spirit of goodwill and sportsmanship prevails.

Karen Stintz, President of Variety, says “our building is designed for kids to be playing in it. So this is really helping us fulfill our mission. It is a little bit of normal.”

It is very much a team concept with participation and fun as the motivators; the volunteers, families and police personnel cheer on the participants and assist in the various competition.

There were also generous donations from the community that assist with the overall event: BBQ Guys, No Frills, Tim Hortons.

The organizing committee for the 2022 games included Courtney Hudson, Kim O’Toole, Marilyn White,  James Hung, Catherine Sahli, and Scott Grondin.