Larraine Roulston April’21

How To Raise a Green Toddler

By Larraine Roulston

The La Leche League and its volunteers inspired millions of women to breastfeed their babies. Their efforts marked an important turning point for most of today’s moms to nourish their babies naturally.

A recent natural ‘movement’ for potty training called Elimination Communication (EC) is a method that involves the intimate connection between babies and parents which enables parents to recognize the cues for toilet training. Both infants and toddlers do not like to be wet. If wearing cloth diapers, they will hold their pee and poo until they are taken to a washroom or their little training pot within a reasonable timeframe. The signs of fussing or wiggling usually begin shortly after feeding. Potty training also strengthens bladder muscles at an earlier age. Diaper-free babies use 50-75% fewer diapers than non-EC infants. This will result in fewer diaper laundries. When accidents happen, use a damp cloth rather than purchasing chemical baby wipes. Parents who made the extra effort to train their infants in this fashion stated that this approach is effective. I wish that I had been aware of the EC concept when beginning to raise my children; however, as toddlers, they all enjoyed helping to fold cloth diapers.

To prepare a basket for the Easter bunny to fill, use a fancy fabric or shred paper as a lining rather than purchase the familiar green plastic filler. Make patterns on hard boiled eggs with food colours such as beet juice or water from boiling onion skins. Avoid over-packaged chocolate.

Check out the thrift stores. Exchange toys with friends.

Save corks, paper cylinders, egg cartons and other easy to handle items for a child’s early art creations.

Have fun digging into a bag of hand-me-down clothes from friends. Give your youngster a chance to select outfits as well. When you need to shop for clothes, first try thrift and consignment stores. This habit may ease the strain on your wallet when it comes time to purchase more expensive merchandise for their teenage years.

Together, engage in yoga either by yourselves or in a small group.

When possible, choose to walk, use a stroller, wagon or a bike’s infant seat rather than drive. Acquaint your little ones with their neighbourhood on foot.

Ignite the love of nature by seizing the opportunity to have outdoor picnics. Select reusable light-weight dishes, metal cutlery, and cloth napkins. Avoid disposable straws.

Whether you live in an apartment or have yard space, toddlers enjoy planting and watering seeds. By gardening in their own allotted space, children are more apt to eat the vegetables that they helped to grow.

Utilize your public library. Monitor their screen time.

To lessen carbon emissions, avoid using a dryer. Little hands love to offer clothes pegs or to catch the clothes as they are taken down.

Use baking soda and vinegar as cleaning agents.

~ Larraine writes children’s books that highlight the joy of composting and pollinating with the adventures of Pee Wee at Castle Compost. With illustrations, songs, and poems, the stories unearth the miracles of nature’s cycle of life. Fun and factual for all ages. To order, postage free visit: