June 21, 2022

Northpine Foundation Shows Scarborough Some Love

SCARBOROUGH (June 21, 2022) – Scarborough Health Network (SHN) Foundation announced a transformative, $20-million gift today, donated by The Northpine Foundation. This gift will create theNorthpine Emergency Department at SHN’s Centenary hospital, the Northpine Diagnostic Imaging
Concourse at SHN’s General hospital, and the Northpine Centre for Surgical Quality Excellence. All three priority projects will advance equitable healthcare for Scarborough—one of Canada’s most diverse communities—and poise SHN to be a national leader in emergency care and surgical patient outcomes.

The Northpine Foundation’s vision is to expand human-centred innovation in Canada and be an impactful force of good. True to their mission of supporting communities that face limitations, their historic donation to SHN will help remove barriers to care for all who live and work in Scarborough.

“Northpine views human health as a critical factor to support thriving communities, and we know the people of Scarborough deserve the same level of care and facilities as the rest of Toronto,” says Aatif Baskanderi, CEO of The Northpine Foundation. “We were inspired to support SHN because of the gap in healthcare donations to Scarborough, whose diverse population is 59% New Canadians. We know that there are great learning opportunities in Scarborough that can help improve the health of others across Ontario, Canada,
and globally.”

This momentous donation will do incredible things for SHN’s Birchmount, Centenary, and General hospitals, including:

• Create the Northpine Emergency Department at Centenary hospital, which will be the first no-wait Emergency Department in Canada. This ground-breaking model will incorporate a physician at the front of care and more efficiently triage, test, and treat patients to reduce wait times.

• Modernize diagnostic imaging through the Northpine Diagnostic Imaging Concourse at General, which will support the radiologists and specialized professionals performing more than 335,000 diagnostic imaging exams yearly at SHN. It will bring all imaging services together in a single location at the General hospital in a new state-of-the-art concourse.

• Launch the Northpine Centre for Surgical Quality Excellence and become a leader in quality based on an innovative program piloted in the surgical department. SHN has the second-largest surgical
program in Ontario and, with Northpine’s investment, will become a leader in positive surgical outcomes, research, and innovation.

“Today’s announcement will enable us to push forward toward our ambitious campaign goal and break down barriers to equitable care for Scarborough,” says Alicia Vandermeer, President and CEO of SHN
Foundation. “The Love, Scarborough campaign has become a rallying cry for Scarborough, and we are so grateful that The Northpine Foundation answered our call. It’s an honour to work with community leaders and donors like Aatif and his team, and it’s our hope this announcement will inspire others in the community to join us in our campaign to Love, Scarborough.”

Northpine’s gift is the largest in SHN’s history and the most significant in support of SHN Foundation’s Love, Scarborough campaign. Launched publicly in January, the campaign highlights health inequities faced in Scarborough and encourages the rest of Toronto to back SHN up. To date, the campaign has reached $85 million of its’ $100 million fundraising goal.

“The Northpine Foundation’s generous gift will provide our talented, compassionate and inclusive healthcare teams with the infrastructure they need to care for our diverse and growing Scarborough
community,” says Liz Buller, President and CEO of SHN. “Their belief in helping communities flourish is abundantly clear, and their generous gift will help transform the future of care for Scarborough.”

The Northpine Foundation is funded by Cathy & John Phillips through Klister Credit Corp., an early investor in Shopify Inc.