Guildwood Library Expansion Update

November 2018 / Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Guildwood Library Expansion - Update

By Derek Pinder

The 44-year old Guildwood Library is about to grow.  1,600 square feet of space will be added to the existing 3,000 square-foot facility to provide a number of improvements including a program room that can be used as study space or can be rented by community groups, and public washrooms.  Design is by Paul DaCunha Architect Inc.

This is the second recent good-news story for Guildwood (the first being ground-breaking for the new retirement home which is close to the library) and is especially welcome because, at one time, the relocation of the library was being considered.  Happily, wiser heads pointed out that moving would not only be more expensive than an $800,000 extension, but it would also place the library in a less convenient location.  The expansion will be achieved by taking the space immediately to the east which was previously occupied by a medical centre.  Construction is expected to last for seven months; the library will be closed for this period and the last day for business will be Friday November 23rd.   All seven members of staff will relocate to other libraries during the shutdown.  While the Guildwood branch is closed, books that are on hold can be picked up at the Cedarbrae branch, 545 Markham Road.  Alternatively, customers may arrange to pick up at another branch through the website or by phoning 416-393-7131.

It is unfortunate that the expansion has not been without a casualty.  The medical centre, which has been displaced by the library, has relocated to the south side of the plaza where a former travel agency and a barber shop did business.  Whilst Maritime Travel has moved to the north side of the plaza (see Bluffs Monitor article of May 2017), the barber shop, which has been there since the 1960s, has closed.  The owner, Tom Cefala, who has been very much a part of the Guildwood community since 1971, has taken a chair at The Right Cut in Silver Mile Plaza at Kingston Road and Markham.