Erin Jones July’21

Local Actor Turned Playwright Has Toronto Fringe Festival Debut

Lack of respectful, relevant and positive stories reflecting our community inspires local actor to write

By Erin Jones

For the most part, working in theatre has been terrific. I have had the opportunity to work with talented artists and interact with enthusiastic audiences. However, I regularly see the same type of plays repeatedly. Solid parts for women and BIPOC artists are very hard to come by. Many plays do not accurately reflect the richness or humanity of our community in Toronto.

So when the pandemic hit, and live theatre ceased to exist, I had time to reflect on the untold stories that I wanted to tell. This opened up a world of research, writing, workshopping and a daring venture into the Toronto Fringe Festival!

I wrote Time Limits Dropped on Easter Sunday especially for the digital Toronto Fringe Festival. Four friends from a bereavement group meet virtually for the Easter long weekend. They try an Artificial Intelligence program to animate pictures of their departed loved ones. To their surprise, delight, and horror, they discover more than they bargained for.

The story is unique in that it is uses the supernatural, sci-fi and futurism to take the audience on a relatable journey with the characters. Some may liken it to the “Twilight Zone”.
The play was written to be inclusive of our BIPOC, ACPI and LGBTQ communities. Stories of love, grief, forgiveness, intersectionality, elder care, domestic abuse and healing are shared from the perspective of a multitude of diverse characters.

Olivia Jon plays Diana, a woman grieving her mother. “The concept of unfinished conversations and ‘what would you say if you had another chance’ is really beautiful,” shared Jon. She adds, “This project is as much about healing as it is about grief. The show combines a futuristic high-tech aspect with universal themes of love, loss, grief, family and friendship – highlighting how family can include those outside your blood family to embrace friends who support, challenge and nurture.”
“I really love how the characters and casting reflect the face of our city,” shared Cate McKim who plays Saska, a career- minded lawyer who grieves the loss of a child.

Time Limits Dropped on Easter Sunday premieres at the Toronto Fringe Festival. It runs July 21, 2021 to July 31, 2021. The Box Office opens July 7, 2021.
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