AMcDiarmid June’21

Earth Day Action

By Alexandra McDiarmid

I felt this article was fitting especially on Earth day, I was inspired while attending Bethany’s Baptist Church (East York) where I was Volunteering at the time between 2017-2019 before the pandemic occurred.   The  Arts and Craft Circle run by Veta Riley were constructed with outer milk bags sleeves. There was a large frame and a lot of weaving. These mats are sent abroad to help third world countries to separate the person from the ground. 

Got educated by was wondering what sizes were available.

 Pastor Jim at the church constructed this frame.  I received tin March 2021 to occupy myself during the lockdown/stay home orders   I have completed 7 mats and counting.

Would like to Thank my sister Stephanie who is helping crochet mats in spare time and collecting bags from Freecycle

Ruth from Glen Rhodes United Church for their contribution on bags 

Trash Nothing Members answering posts made for assistance on requesting the bags.

A special Thanks that goes to everyone in  Schools, Churches and Other Organizations are presently making these mats at home until we can send them abroad.    

As a kind reminder 3 million tonnes of plastic go to our landfills each year,  Milk Bags sleeves have a 50 + year lifespan and do not biodegrade very fast. 

If you like to contact me I can be reached at  or learn how you can be involved.

Please save up your milk bag sleeves until a pickup or drop off can be arranged.